Charged Ibiza

Where passion for exploring meets technology and sustainability. Charged Ibiza strives to be eco-friendly and have an extremely low environmental impact while creating unforgettable experiences.

Our Bikes Have a Very Low Impact

We continously re-invest in solar energy to charge batteries in a sustainable manner. We hope to soon be able to generate enough electricity to move away from petrol powered transportation vehicles for our guests and equipment and become 100% sustainable in our power consumption at every level of our business.

All of our bikes are 100% electric, offering an absolutely thrilling experience while consuming only clean energy.

Our bikes make virtually no noise compared to traditional petrol powered vehicles. This ensures that neither wildlife nor local residents are disturbed.

Due to the high torque and less agressive power of electric bikes, there is very little impact on local trails, ensuring the beautiful nature of Ibiza is preserved for everyone to enjoy.

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